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Ethanol problems are increasing day by day. Our fuel conditioner product is formulated has been developed to target problems arising from ethanol in gasoline. The latest additive package for ethanol problems.Through extended research and studies performed by Baton Rouge

Industries already proven additives and conditioners, Our fuel conditioner is the most effective gas treatment of its kind on the market today. Ethanol in gas is creating a condensation and moisture problem that is causing rust corrosion and

filter clogging. It also causes the fuel pumps to go out and loss of power in the vehicle. It has additives that will emulsify condensation and moisture, thereby converting it into a combustible form to eliminate filter clogging

and costly downtime.ethanol

How an engine works (Awesome explanation)


  With 12 benefits !

*Improves fuel economy
*Helps restore engine performance
*Reduces friction in upper cylinder area
*Reduces engine wear in critical areas
*Reduces combustion chamber intake valve and PFI injector deposits
*Provides protection against corrosion of steel, copper and silver metals
*Reduces gum and varnish on carburetors and fuel system parts
*Helps gasoline resist breakdown when exposed to air, oxygen or heat
*Improves immediate & long term performance
*Inhibits harmful acids and helps increase horsepower
*Kills algae that grows in the fuel
*Fuel stabilizer and helps prevent pre-detonation
*Reduces harmful emissions

Here are the specs of our treatment

Viscosity @ 210° F. SUS 34 5 oz. to 24 Gallons
Viscosity @ 100° F. SUS 55 1 Pint to 78 Gallons
Specific Gravity .874 1 Quart to 156 Gallons
Flash Point 84 1 Gallon to 616 Gallons
Rust Inhibited Yes 5 Gallons to 3080 Gallons
Anti-Wear Treated Yes 16 Gallons 9856 Gallons


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