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C-118 Solvent Degreaser (Emulsion Formula) is an industrial grade cleaning solvent formulated for heavy duty degreasing applications. C-118 Solvent Degreaser (Emulsion Formula) provides an economical and effective method for removing grease, oil, sludge and grime from engines, tractors, construction equipment, shop floors, etc. Grease, oil, dirt, sludge, grime, ink, light carbon, and asphalt are dissolved after only a few minutes of soaking and brushing. Machine shops, garages and industrial repair shops will find C-118 Solvent Degreaser (Emulsion Formula) to be an ideal product for heavy-duty degreasing applications because of its ability to emulsify with water and rinse readily. In addition, the flash point of over 140° F makes it safer to use and store than conventional petroleum solvent base degreasers.

C-118 Solvent Degreaser