C-144 White Lithium Spray Grease 11 oz. aerosol can

C-144 White Lithium Spray Grease (Aerosol) is white lithium grease in a convenient, easy-to-use aerosol can. It is an exceptional coating for the prevention of rust & corrosion. In addition, this PTFE fortified, durable, nonstaining lubricant provides superior friction reduction between similar or different materials than other competing brands, will not run, wash off, or freeze and does not gum or cake. Use this product on battery terminals, brake cables, distributor caps, latches, hinges, bolts, locks, antennas, equipment, tools, tracks, glides, bearings, rollers, buckles, shackles, winch gears, and other external moving parts or exposed surfaces. Applications for this product can be found in the packaging industry, automotive field, marine and aircraft maintenance. This next generation product is formulated without chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.

C-144 White Lithium Spray Grease 11 oz. aerosol can


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