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L-609-AL Anti-Leak Hydraulic Oil

L-609-AL Hydraulic Oils are premium anti-wear hydraulic oils specifically designed for use in areas sensitive to leaks and/or incidental discharge to the environment.
L-609-AL Hydraulic Oils are made from severely hydro-treated base stocks and an ashless (zinc-free) additive system that provides superior oxidation stability, water demulsibility, foam suppression and protection against wear, rust and corrosion.
L-609-AL Hydraulic Oils meet the performance requirements of traditional anti-wear hydraulic oils, particularly in severe, high output applications such as axial piston pumps.
L-609-AL Hydraulic Oils have a dielectric strength of 35k V. The ASTM D877 test is the method for determining dielectric strength.
L-609-AL Hydraulic Oils has a dielectric strength of 35kV on this test, thus making it non-conductive.

L-609-AL Anti-Leak Hydraulic Oil

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